Lychnostatis Open Air Museum

Top choice in Iraklio Province

In a lovely seaside setting at Hersonisos’ eastern edge, this family-operated, open-air folklore museum recreates a traditional Cretan village with commendable authenticity. The various buildings, including windmill, schoolhouse and farmer’s home, were rescued around Crete and moved here. Elsewhere there are weaving workshops, ceramics and plant-dying demonstrations, olive-oil pressing and raki distilling, orchards and herb gardens, and a theatre that hosts music and dance performances. Guided tours and audio guides (€2) are available, as is a cafe.

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1. Aposelemis Dam

4.14 MILES

En route to/from the village of Krasí you will pass the controversial Aposelemis Dam, the construction of which was completed in 2012. Formerly wedged…

2. Quarter M


Impressive Quarter M is a residential area a bit further west of the palace. Though fenced off, it's still possible to appreciate its size and complexity…

3. Palace of Malia

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The Palace of Malia, 3km east of Malia, was built at about the same time as the great Minoan palaces of Phaestos and Knossos. The First Palace dates back…

4. Exhibition Hall

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This small exhibition hall near the entrance to the ruins features photographs of the excavation work begun in 1915 by Iosef Chatzidakis and continued by…

5. Crypt

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The palace was surrounded by an entire city whose excavation is still ongoing. The canopied structure just west of the compound is described as the crypt.

6. Grain Silos


These eight well-preserved circular pits are believed to have been grain silos.

7. Lustral Basin

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Called the lustral basin partly because of historical translations into English, this was where 'symbolic cleansing' took place as part of religious…

8. West Magazines

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The west magazines were the palace's storerooms for agricultural products. It was believed that if there was a bad harvest, these reserves were…