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Tourists descend on Sūzhōu all four seasons of the year, but kick-start your day early, go slightly off the main streets, and you’ll see the old-world charm and have the place to yourself. In the lovely provincial capital and university town of Nánjīng there’s a lot that remains relatively undiscovered by outsiders: Ming dynasty heritage, leafy boulevards, superb museums and some fantastic restaurants.

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Tongli Private Tour from Suzhou

Meet your private guide upon pickup at the Suzhou railway station or your hotel lobby in Suzhou city. Set out on a full day of sightseeing in the comfort of an air-conditioned private vehicle, and talk with your guide about any particular interests you have so the commentary and itinerary can be customized.Your day starts at the Retreat and Reflection Garden, a traditional Suzhou-style garden. Built in 1885, it joined Suzhou's other classical gardens in 2001 in becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In spite of the garden's similarities to other standard Suzhou-style layouts, the east-west axis is unique for the region. Your private guide will accompany you along the way, introducing the varied and unique features. Next, you will visit Luo Xingzhou, a small island town at the heart of Tongli Lake. Regal housing and gardens and ancient bridges and walkways merge to create a magical isle. Cruise the tranquil waters in a traditional wooden boat, taking in the river's vistas before wandering the island town. Break for lunch at a Chinese restaurant (own expense). After lunch, visit Chongben Hall to view its intricate collection of wood carvings inspired by the folklore of the Yangtze River Delta. You will also walk around Jiayin Hall, a traditional mansion constructed in 1912. Scattered with engravings depicting "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", a seminal Chinese novel, the complexity and precision of the craftsmanship and carvings in this mansion are simply astounding.The Pearl Tower tells a tale of Tongli's ancient past, a fascinating story of a man named Fang who through various trials and tribulations eventually received the tower. Riddled with old relics, the structure exudes classical Suzhou architectural flair and overlooks traditional gardens. Climb the tower to enjoy spectacular views from atop. After that, move on to the next tourist spot –The Three Bridges. Tongli has more than 50 bridges, however the three most popular are the Taiping, Jili, and Changqing bridges. When celebrating milestones such as births, weddings or birthdays, locals will cross the bridges and pray for health, happiness, and future prosperity. As you walk the bridges, your guide will explain their folklores while you take in the scenery.End your private tour with a drive back to your hotel or the Suzhou railway station.

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Private Suzhou in One Day with Grand Canal Cruise

Your private guide will pick you up from your Suzhou hotel at 9am. Your first stop is the Grand Canal, the world's longest manmade waterway and one of ancient China's greatest engineering projects. Relax in a wooden boat as you cruise down scenic byways and soak up the atmosphere of the old town.From here, it's a short drive to Panmen Gate. This grand two-storey gate, surrounded by landscaped gardens and ancient monuments, once formed part of Suzhou's ancient city wall and still offers stunning views across Suzhou, old and new. Head into the heart of the old city for your next excursion, a rickshaw tour around Pingjiang Road and surroundings. You'll pass the vegetable market, unpolished streets, and narrow canals, and see locals going about their everyday business. Lunch is at your own expense but your guide will be happy to recommend restaurants where you can enjoy classics of Suzhou cuisine, from dumplings to sweet and sour fish. Your last stop is an authentic Suzhou teahouse where you'll discover the city's most celebrated art-form: pingtan. A hybrid of ballad-singing, story-telling, and comic opera, it's performed in Suzhou dialect and accompanied by traditional musical instruments. Savor Chinese tea as you enjoy the performance and its timeless melodies.From here, you'll drive back to your hotel, arriving around 5pm.

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Nanjing City Highlights Private Full-Day Tour with Transfers

Local expert tour guide will pick you up from your Nanjing hotel lobby or Railway Station (Nanjing Railway Station or South Railway Station) at approx. 8:30 am, accompany you to start highlight day trip in Nanjing. Your will firstly come to visit the Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum. With deep historical significance, magnificent architecture and beautiful scenery, it is a must see when visiting Nanjing. Follow your guide to learn about the life of this great Chinese revolutionist. Move on to visit the Confucius Temple, also named Fuzimiao in Chinese, it is a place to worship and consecrate Confucius. The beautiful Qinhuai River and bustling commercial streets nearby will make your trip more memorable. After lunch, proceed to visit the Nanjing Municipal Museum. Located inside Chaotian Palace, this is a comprehensive museum of history and art. View the Chinese ancient palace buildings of Chaotian Gong and explore the history and culture in the museum. Then see China’s the biggest castle-style city gate of Zhonghua Gate, it is a precious cultural relic, a significant place in China's military and architectural traditions. After the full day trip, the guide will drop you off at your hotel or Railway Station as per your request. Please indicate your preferred location while booking.

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Half-Day Private Customized Nanjing City Tour

Meet your guide at hotel lobby in Nanjing city or Nanjing Railway Station at 9:00am or 1:00pm based on your booking option.Typically, Start the tour by visiting the Chaotian Gong (Heaven Palace). View the ancient palace building and learn the Chinese history and art in the municipal museum.Choose 2 to 3 attractions based on your interests and schedule from following: • Zhonghua Gate: See the castle-style ancient city gate on a giant scale with massive masonry walls, deep arched gateways and multiple courtyards. Learn how the military defense the enemy and protect the city in the ancient times. • Confucius Temple: See how people worship the great educator and philosopher in the temple, taste the local snacks on the old street. If time allows, take a 50 minutes boating along the mother river Qinhuai River through the old buildings. • Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen: A must visit place in Nanjing. Hike to the top of the purple mountain, learn about the China's history in 20th century, appreciate the elegant design of the mausoleum, have a panoramic view of the city, and close up look of mausoleum itself. • The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre • Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty • Presidential Palace of Nanjing • Nanjing Museum • Xuanwu Lake • Purple Mountain • Jiming TempleAfter your tour is finished, your guide will send you back to your hotel in Nanjing, or see you off at Nanjing Railway Station.

$50 Private & Custom Tours

Half-Day Private Tour to Qixia Temple and Swallow Rock in Nanjing

Meet your friendly private guide at hotel lobby in Nanjing city or Nanjing Railway Station at 9:30am. Then, take your private vehicle to Qixia Temple, a Buddhist temple located on Qixia Mountain. It is one of Nanjing's most important Buddhist monasteries and it is also well-known for its large collection of Chinese Buddhist visual art and sculptural art in the grounds. In addition, you will get to see Buddha's Relics Pagoda (Qixia Sptupa), Pavilion of Giant Buddha, Thousand Buddha Rock and the beautiful scenery of Qixia Mountain.  Next, Continue your tour to Swallow Rock (Yanzi Mountain). It stands at 36 meters in the Yangtze River and is shaped like a flying swallow and is also one of three famous rocks in Nanjing. Your knowledgeable guide will share with you the related history and stories about the attraction along the way.  When your tour is finished, your guide will send you back to your hotel in Nanjing, or see you off at Nanjing Railway Station.

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4-Hour Flexible Suzhou City Highlights Private Tour

Meet up with your friendly private guide at your Suzhou hotel or Suzhou Railway Station based on your pointed schedule.Typically, you can choose to visit the Humble Administrator's Garden first. Stroll around old houses, ponds, and walkways inside the garden. The garden is considered the model of the modern Chinese Garden. Sitting in the pavilion beside the pond, you will fell like stepping back in history. Then, continue  to Tiger Hill or Panmen Gate. It is claimed to be the oldest ancient water and land gate in the world for the purpose of defense against enemy armies. You will wander around the park see the well maintained gate all as well as the pagodas.Visit the Pingjiang Road, which is a beautiful old street beside the canal. You can also have a stroll on Shantang Street to experience the local lifestyle.Some other alternative attractions for you: • Lingering Garden • Lion Forest Garden • Net-Master Garden • Suzhou Museum • Hanshan Temple • Canglang Pavilion • Jinji Lake • Relaxing boat trip on the old Grand Canal When tour is finished, you will be transferred back to your Suzhou hotel or Suzhou Railway Station.