The French are world's biggest pizza consumers

France may be known for its fine dining, but a study has revealed that the French also have a taste for fast food.

France leads the way in pizza consumption.

France leads the way in pizza consumption. Image by Nick Amoscato / CC BY 2.0

Tied with America, they now eat more pizza than any other country in the world, with a whopping 819 million consumed in 2015. Favourites are the Reine (ham and mushroom) and the classic margherita. ‘Burger mania’ is also on the rise, with three quarters of French restaurants offering the dish, and 80 per cent of those saying that the humble meat patty in a bun is their top seller. Meanwhile sales of the traditional jambon beurre, a ham and butter sandwich that has long been a lunchtime staple in France, have dropped substantially.

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