Romanian birthplace of Johnny Weismuller holds Tarzaniada

The town of Timişoara in Romania’s Banat region will organise a series of events called Tarzaniada, celebrating the life of actor Johnny Weissmuller who became famous playing the role of Tarzan in Hollywood movies.

Romanian city to celebrate Tarzan link.

Romanian city to celebrate Tarzan link. Image by andreistroe / CC BY 2.0

Weissmuller was a German Romanian born in the Timişoara district when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his family emigrated to the US. Before his acting career, Weissmuller was a swimmer and he won five Olympic gold medals for the US. The Tarzaniada will include theatre performances, an archery contest, liana jumps over a swimming pool and a Tarzan shouting contest. A biathlon competition with swimming and running will also be organised.

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