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Can you give us a hand please, Antwerp? © Jurga Van Steenbergen

This month’s round-up will give you a good dose of inspiration to get out and about with your family, with blog posts on dealing with jet-lagged toddlers, hiking with smaller children and ideas for how to travel more with your family. We’re also featuring articles with kid-specific recommendations for how to explore Antwerp and Normandy, two European destinations which don’t often feature in family travel discussions.

Hiking with young kids – Jessica Palmer

A lover of the outdoors, Jessica has been trekking with her kids since they were born. Here she shares lots of practical tips gained from her extensive personal experience and might even inspire you to make your own hiking trolley or attempt a multi-day trek with the little ones.

Jessica believes travelling with kids opens their hearts and minds, teaching them tolerance. Follow her blog at travelwithjess.com.

Jet lag often plays havoc with those first few days of a trip and the transition from having a baby to a toddler can be a shock to travelling families who think they’ve cracked long-haul travel. So Ariana’s practical tips (which include a reminder of what jet lag actually is) are well worth a read as you start planning where your ‘toddler on tour’ goes next.

Ariana believes adventures can be both global and local. Follow her at worldoftravelswithkids.com.

Antwerp with kids – Jurga Van Steenbergen

Antwerp featured in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel as one of our top cities to visit in 2018 so we love the fact that Jurga, who lives nearby, decided to share her recommendations for exploring the city with kids. Sewers, street art and a giant hand – what could be more exciting for children?

Jurga’s goal is simple: help family travellers make the most of every trip. Follow her blog at fullsuitcase.com.

Normandy with kids – Clare Thomson

This post opened our eyes to Normandy as a destination for families who love history, art, pretty French towns and beaches! Clare’s post also provides lots of excellent ideas for how to bring the local culture to life for children.

Clare aims to inspire travellers to slow down and take the time to appreciate and enjoy a place. She blogs at suitcasesandsandcastles.com.

How to travel more as a family – Dawn Nicholson

Let’s face it, if you are reading this you probably love travelling with your family and wish you could do more. In this post Dawn includes nine specific tips for doing just that, ranging from the baby steps (make the most of long weekends) to the giant leaps (be location independent).

Canadian Dawn is currently based in Melbourne and shares her family’s travelling adventures at 5losttogether.com.

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