LP Kids in the wild guidelines: how to feature in our fan photo albums

A young girl in a mini tipi on the beach
A spot of reading on the beach © Eric Stoen

Our mission at Lonely Planet Kids is to help children explore and learn more about our amazing world. So it goes without saying that we love to receive photos and travel stories featuring your little explorers out on an adventure, whether it’s on your doorstep or further afield.

If you’re a fan of Lonely Planet Kids on Facebook, you may have seen our series of Lonely Planet in the wild photo albums. Pictures of your curious kids always inspire us, especially if they include one of our Lonely Planet Kids books or travel guides.

Want to take part? For the sake of clarity and fairness, we’ve come up with a set of guidelines to help increase your chances of getting featured on our Facebook page.

What we're looking for:

- LP Kids in the wild pictures must clearly depict your child engaging with a Lonely Planet or Lonely Planet Kids book OR feature your child out exploring the world.

- We’re happy to receive pictures of our Lonely Planet Kids books out in the wild without any children in the frame but we'd rather see images which show your children enjoying themselves while travelling.

- The higher quality the image, the better. Pixelated, blurry or dark images will not be accepted.

- The best submissions evoke the spirit of travel. They are well-composed, colourful, high-quality images featuring interesting or iconic locations and/or unique perspectives.

What will happen to your photos?

- We will share the photo in our Facebook album and the following week in our Twitter feed.

- If your photo is truly 'out of this world' we may want to share your photo in other material, such as our monthly Lonely Planet Kids newsletter. If so, we will always get in touch with you before doing so but please let us know when you submit your photo if this is something you are definitely not interested in.

Good examples of LP Kids in the Wild submissions

Kids Blog - LPKidsWild-1
Children with their Lonely Planet guidebook in the destination © Kathleen Carpels

Kids Blog - LPKidsWild2
Lonely Planet Kids book in situ © Imogen Hall

Kids Blog - lpkidswild4
Where shall we go next? © wideeyedworld.co.za

Kids Blog - lpkids3
Children out exploring © David Else

Unfortunately we cannot post the following:

- Images that do not adhere to our community guidelines.

- Collages or heavily edited images.

- Watermarked images that overtly promote blogs or businesses.

- Poor quality, dark or blurry images.

- Extreme close-ups of guidebooks, or images featuring very little other than the book. We need to see our books and your kids ‘in the wild’

- Airport or aeroplane pictures.

How to submit your photos

- E-mail your image as an attachment to lonelyplanet.kids@lonelyplanet.com.

- Include ‘In the wild’ in the subject line.

- Provide your name and the name of any other people in the photo (where possible). We will credit by first name only.

- Tell us where you are: the city, region or country.

- Please state clearly that you are happy for us to share this photo of your child on our Facebook page and Twitter feed and include a sentence in your email confirming that you have read the section 'Personal Information' at the end of this blog post.

- If you have a great anecdote from that trip, please share it with us and we may include it in your image description.

A book shelf full of Lonely Planet Kids books
Share your shelf with us!

Love your LP Kids books, but don't have any 'in the wild' shots to share?

Send us a photo of your child’s Lonely Planet Kids book collection on their bookshelf and we’ll feature it in our LPKids bookshelf-spotting album. Send submissions to lonelyplanet.kids@lonelyplanet.com with ‘LPKids shelf’ in the subject line. We look forward to seeing your snaps!

We respond to all submissions, whether they are accepted or not. It can take up to two months for submissions to be processed, so we thank you for your patience. We do not use your images anywhere other than our LPKids Facebook and LPKids Twitter accounts without your permission, which we will request personally via e-mail.

The legal bit: personal information

Where you submit a picture that features people, you agree that all people depicted have given their permission for you to submit the photo and that you are the parent or guardian of any children featured in the image. Where you are not the parent or guardian or you do not have people’s permission to submit the photo, please do not provide the photo to us.

Your child’s information

You agree that we may use the image featuring your child and (where included) yourself, for the purposes set out in this blog post including in the following ways:

  • we may create and publish social media posts incorporating the image featuring your child;
  • we may publish the image featuring your child on www.lonelyplanet.com;
  • we may attribute the image featuring your child as © your child’s first name & age, 2018.
  • we may store the image featuring your child on our systems along with other personal information that you provide such as your name and email address, mainly so that Lonely Planet staff can access the image featuring your child whilst performing work in relation to LP Kids in the Wild

Your information

You acknowledge and agree that Lonely Planet may store your full name and contact details (including email and postal address where provided) and that we may contact you in future to request any further permission to use an image featuring your child.

Lonely Planet will use your information and your child’s information in accordance with its Privacy Notice. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at privacy@lonelyplanet.com.

If for any reason you wish to revoke the permission you are giving to Lonely Planet in this agreement, or your child wishes to revoke permission after they reach the age of 18, please contact us at privacy@lonelyplanet.com.

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