Coves d’Artà

Head 1km north of Canyamel and pass through an unassuming fissure in the rock wall that buffers the coast and you'll find yourself in a stunning warren of limestone caves – the possible inspiration for Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth. First up is a soaring vestibule, home to the 22m-tall stalagmite known as the 'Queen of Columns', while subsequent rooms include the 'Chamber of Purgatory' and 'Chamber of Hell'. Guided tours leave every 30 minutes.

First properly explored in the 19th century, the Coves d’Artà once served as a refuge for the local inhabitants in times of war and invasion: Jaume I, the 13th-century Christian conqueror of Majorca, reportedly found 2000 Arab citizens and their cattle hiding here. You can combine your visit with a boat trip to Canyamel from either Cala Ratjada (for an extra €15) or Font de sa Cala (€12). The Artà Card offers reduced-price entry.

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