Hungarian Jewish Museum & Archives

Erzsébetváros & the Jewish Quarter

Upstairs in an annexe of the Great Synagogue, this museum contains objects related to religious and everyday life, including 3rd-century Jewish headstones from Roman Pannonia discovered in 1792 in Nagykanizsa in southwestern Hungary, a vast amount of liturgical items in silver, and manuscripts, including a handwritten book of the local Burial Society from the late 18th century. Call ahead for guided tours (adult/concession 3700/2700Ft).

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Nearby Erzsébetváros & the Jewish Quarter attractions

1. Great Synagogue

0.02 MILES

Budapest's stunning Great Synagogue is the world's largest Jewish house of worship outside New York City. Built in 1859, the synagogue has both Romantic…

2. Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial

0.05 MILES

In the Raul Wallenberg Memorial Garden on the Great Synagogue’s north side, the Holocaust (or Emanuel) Tree of Life Memorial, designed by Imre Varga in…

3. Rumbach Sebestyén utca Synagogue

0.15 MILES

The Moorish Rumbach Sebestyén utca Synagogue was built in 1872 by Austrian Secessionist architect Otto Wagner for the Status Quo Ante (moderate…

5. Orthodox Synagogue

0.21 MILES

Once one of a half-dozen synagogues and prayer houses in the Jewish Quarter, the Orthodox Synagogue was built in 1913 in what was at the time a very…

6. Vintage Galería

0.26 MILES

This private gallery with banker's hours features some striking contemporary photography.

7. Károly Garden

0.26 MILES

A pleasant place to take a breather, this flowered-filled garden was built for the Károly Palace, which now houses the Petőfi Museum of Literature…

8. Makovec Office Building

0.29 MILES

This office block was designed by Imre Makovec (1935–2011), who developed his own 'organic' style using unusual materials like tree trunks and turf.