A photographer has shared a series of stunning images that capture the raw beauty of the Middle East at night.

Petra in Jordan captured at night.
Petra in Jordan captured at night.

Taken by Italian travel photographer Daniele Cagnazzo, the collection shows an abandoned mosque in the middle of the hot Al Qua’a Desert near Abu Dhabi, the Milky Way over Wadi Al Arbeieen in Oman, and Petra in Jordan illuminated by lanterns, as well as other scenes.

The Milky Way over The Al Qua’a Desert near Abu Dhabi.
The Milky Way over The Al Qua’a Desert near Abu Dhabi.

“If you are an adventurer and an off-road travel lover, this part of the world is the perfect place to be. Empty and endless spaces, the desert charm or the green valleys are the perfect spots for camping at night under a sky full of stars. Capturing these moments, surrounded by the silence of the night in these remote places, is a pleasure and a fantastic experience and an occasion to admire the beauty of nature from a different viewpoint. The feeling of being far from civilization, completely absorbed into the night is the thing that I like the most. You have the feeling that you have travelled back in time,” Daniele told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Jebel Jais in The United Arab Emirates.
Jebel Jais in the United Arab Emirates.

In total, Daniele visited the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan and Bahrain for the series, but has travelled across a total of 35 countries throughout his career, taking pictures in places such as Nepal, India and Pakistan as well. Now living in Dubai, he takes any opportunity possible to explore and document interesting locations that he can reach.

An abandoned Mosque in The Al Qua’a Desert.
An abandoned Mosque in the Al Qua’a Desert.

“From a photography perspective, it’s ideal to capture unique moments and talk about a story simply through the colours of a single frame. So immediately I got involved in this new adventure. I love to get lost in remote areas, talking with locals and learning as much as I can from each adventure. My mission, through photography, is to reduce distance through people and places apparently far, removing prejudice and show that at end, the world is a really beautiful place to live in. What is important when I capture moments, is the story behind them. A simple picture is able to describe places, culture and feelings captured on the road,” Daniele said.

More of Daniele’s work is available at his official website.

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