Cacahuamilpa Caverns

South of Mexico City

One of central Mexico’s most stunning natural sights, the Cacahuamilpa caverns are a must-see for anyone visiting Taxco or Cuernavaca. The scale of the caves is hard to imagine, with vast chambers up to 82m high leading 2km beneath the mountainside, inside which are mind-blowing stalactites and stalagmites.

Unfortunately, individual access to the (perfectly safe) pathway through the caves is not allowed. Instead, visitors are allocated free guides who lead large group tours (departures each hour on the hour), with constant stops to point out shapes (Santa Claus, a kneeling child, a gorilla) in the rock. At the end of the hour-long tour, you can wander back to the entrance – with the lights now off – at your own pace. Most guides do not speak English.

From the cave exit it’s possible to follow a steep path for 15 minutes to the fast-flowing Río Dos Bocas. There are spectacular views year-round and tranquil pools for swimming during the dry season. Bring bug spray.

Weekends are often very crowded, with long lines and large group tours, making midweek a more pleasant time for a visit. There are restaurants, snacks and souvenir stores near the entrance. Between the entrance and the caves, it's possible to take a short zip-line (M$70) across the treetops, or you can just walk the 150m around.

To reach the caves, take an Estrella Roja ‘Grutas’ bus from the Futura bus terminal in Taxco (M$43, 40 minutes, every 40 minutes to 6.30pm) or taxi (M$180). Buses deposit you at the crucero (crossroads) to Cuernavaca. From there, walk 350m downhill to the park’s visitors center. Return buses leave from the same crossroads (every 40 minutes, last bus 8:30pm). Pullman de Morelos has direct services to the caves from Cuernavaca (M$70, two hours, every two hours to 7:43pm; last return bus 6pm) and Mexico City Terminal Sur (M$225, 8.29am and 9.29am, Saturday and Sunday only).

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