Calamita: Miniere di Capoliveri


Guided tours take visitors from a small site museum in Vallone, 11km south of Capoliveri, to the Genevro mine where magnetite was extracted until the operation closed in 1981. You'll walk through dark underground tunnels to see huge cathedral-like caverns where the metal was extracted.

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1. Villa Romana delle Grotte

5.95 MILES

About 5km out of Portoferraio town, wander through the ruins of this 1st-century-BC Roman villa overlooking the sea at Punta delle Grotte and you will be…

3. Area Archeologica della Linguella

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The 16th-century Torre del Martello was where Napoleon was 'imprisoned' at the start of his fleeting exile on Elba in 1814 and the russet-red, hexagonal…

4. Forte Stella

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The salmon-pink Star Fort, so called due to its shape, is one of Portoferraio's defining hilltop forts. It was commissioned by Cosimo l de' Medici and…

6. Teatro dei Vigilanti

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This 17th-century church-turned-theatre was one of the grandest, most elaborate churches in Portoferraio when it was constructed in 1618. The Chiesa del…

8. Forte Falcone

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Portoferraio's loftiest highest hill is crowned by this largely intact, 16th-century fort (1548) – a key point, together with Fort Stella and Torre del…