About 4km from Pula, Nora's ruins are all that remain of what was once one of Sardinia's most powerful cities. Founded by Phoenicians in the 8th century BC, it later became an important Punic centre, and in the 3rd century AD, the island's Roman capital. It was eventually abandoned in the 8th century due to the threat of Arab raids. The site is accessible by guided tour (in Italian or English) only; highlights include a Roman theatre and an ancient baths complex.

Upon entry, you pass a single melancholy column. This is all that's left of a temple dedicated to Tanit, the Carthaginian Venus, who was once worshipped here. Beyond this is a small 2nd-century Roman theatre facing the sea. Towards the west are the substantial remains of the Terme al Mare (Baths by the Sea). Four columns (a tetrastyle) stand at the heart of what was a patrician villa; the surrounding rooms retain their mosaic floor decoration. More remnants of mosaics can be seen at a temple complex towards the tip of the promontory.

Overlooking the ruins, the Torre del Coltellazzo is a 17th-century watchtower set on the site of the Phoenician city's acropolis.

Regular shuttle buses run to Nora from Piazza Municipio in Pula.

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