Town Wall

Anglesey & the North Coast

The survival of most of its 1300m-long town wall, built concurrently with the castle, makes Conwy one of the UK’s prime medieval sites. The wall was erected to protect the English colonists from the Welsh, who were forbidden to live in the town and were even cleared from the surrounding countryside. You can enter the town walls at several points and walk along the battlements.

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1. Conwy Castle

0.06 MILES

Caernarfon is more complete, Harlech more dramatically positioned and Beaumaris more technically perfect, yet out of the four castles that compose the…

2. Mill Gate

0.09 MILES

The twin-towered Mill Gate, one of two gatehouses in the southern stretch of Conwy's town wall, was built to allow access to the royal watermill, outside…

3. Aberconwy House

0.15 MILES

Timber-and-plaster Aberconwy House is the town's oldest, built as one of 20 merchants' houses when the town was fortified around 1300. Over the years it…

4. Plas Mawr

0.16 MILES

Completed in 1585 for merchant and courtier Robert Wynn, Plas Mawr is one of Britain's finest surviving Elizabethan town houses. The tall, whitewashed…

5. Lower Gate

0.16 MILES

Conwy's High St heads through this gate in the medieval wall to the quayside. Its twin towers and portcullis allowed it to command access from the town to…

6. Royal Cambrian Academy

0.19 MILES

Founded in 1881, given the royal imprimatur by Queen Victoria in 1882, and still going strong, the Cambrian runs a full calendar of exhibitions by its…

7. Smallest House in Great Britain


The Smallest House in Great Britain is a curiosity with dimensions of 72 in by 122 in and a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. On the quayside, its…

8. Upper Gate

0.25 MILES

The entrance to the largest section of town wall starts from the station and heads up to the Upper Gate (where there are great views over the town to the…