Jardim das Virtudes


A much-loved picnic spot of tripeiros, these tucked-away gardens stagger down the hillside in a series of lawn terraces. Find a shady spot under the trees to drink in the far-reaching views across the city, which stretch over the rooftops, down to the river and up to the port lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia.

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1. Chafariz da Rua das Taipas

0.07 MILES

One of Porto's handful of remaining public fountains, which were once a place to tap into fresh spring water and local gossip, the stone-carved,…

2. Igreja de São Pedro de Miragaia

0.09 MILES

One of Porto's oldest churches, the medieval Igreja de São Pedro de Miragaia was completely rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries, and pays homage to St…

3. Look at Porto


This new 5D cinema whisks you on a virtual flight over Porto, revealing angles never seen at ground level, with added special effects such as motion seats…

4. Igreja de São João Novo

0.13 MILES

Set up above a narrow maze of stone stairs, this medieval church with magnificent views was built in 1539 on land that was originally part of Porto’s old…

5. Casa da Rua São Miguel

0.13 MILES

As you amble down the hill, keep a look out on the right-hand side for the Rua São Miguel. On the corner, at No 4, you'll see a panel of 19th-century blue…

6. Museu das Marionetas

0.13 MILES

Porto's marionette museum turns the spotlight on the remarkable puppet creations that have taken to the stage at the Teatro Marionetas do Porto over the…

7. Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória

0.14 MILES

Note the sign in front of this former monastery apologising for the expulsion of the Jews in 1496 under the Portuguese Inquisition and the iron fist of…

8. Igreja Nossa Senhora da Vitória

0.14 MILES

In Porto's medieval Vitória quarter, this church stands on land that once belonged to the Jewish community. Completed in 1539, it was given a baroque…