Tambo Colorado

South Coast

This early-Inca lowland outpost, about 45km northeast of Pisco, was named for the red paint that once completely covered its adobe walls. It’s one of the best-preserved sites on the south coast and is thought to have served as an administrative base and control point for passing traffic, mostly conquered peoples.

From Pisco, it takes about an hour to get here by car. Hire a taxi for half a day (S90) or take a tour from Pisco (S60, two-person minimum). A daily combi serving the village of Humay passes Tambo Colorado; it leaves from the Pisco market early in the morning (S8, three hours). Once there, ask the locals about when to expect a return bus, but you could get really stuck out here, as transportation back to Pisco is infrequent and often full.

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