Lamb House


This Georgian town house is a favourite stomping ground for local apparitions, but its most famous resident was American writer Henry James, who lived here from 1898 to 1916, during which time he wrote The Wings of the Dove. Until 2017 this was a private house but with the tenants gone, the National Trust has opened up more rooms to the public and created a more hands-on experience. For budding writers there are writing spaces and courses on offer.

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Nearby Rye attractions

1. Mermaid Street

0.06 MILES

Most start their exploration of Rye on famous Mermaid St, a short walk from the Rye Heritage Centre. It bristles with 15th-century timber-framed houses…

2. Church of St Mary the Virgin

0.07 MILES

Rye’s welcoming, community hub of a church is a hotchpotch of medieval and later styles. Its turret clock is the oldest in England (1561) still working…

3. Ypres Tower

0.12 MILES

Just off Church Sq stands the sandcastle-esque Ypres Tower (pronounced ‘wipers’). You can scramble through the 13th-century building to learn about its…

4. Chapel Down Vinery


Located 2.5 miles south of Tenterden on the B2082, this award-winning vineyard produces some of Kent’s best wine and bubbly. Tours should be booked well…

5. Shipwreck Museum

8.83 MILES

An old-school repository of junk salvaged from various vessels that have sunk in the Channel, plus sections on fossils and diving.

6. Fishermen’s Museum

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Shoals of barnacled exhibits swim around the huge Enterprise fishing boat at this Stade museum, housed in a former fishermens’ church. Next door you can…

7. Stade

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The seafront area known as the Stade (below East Hill) is home to distinctive black clapboard structures known as Net Shops. These were built to store…

8. Smugglers Adventure

8.95 MILES

On West Hill, a short walk east of the Hastings Castle, is the Smugglers Adventure, where you can explore underground caverns and hear smuggling yarns…