Magheroarty Beach

County Donegal

A beautiful beach that curves for more than 3km, with good walks along the shore and through the dunes. Even better are the views out to the islands, including Tory.

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1. Tramore Beach

5.91 MILES

Reaching Dunfanaghy's loveliest beach, Tramore, requires hiking through the grassy dunes to the west of the village for about 2km. It's not safe to swim…

2. Muckish Mountain

7.07 MILES

The grey bulk of Muckish Mountain (670m) dominates the view between Gortahork and Dunfanaghy. The easiest route to the top begins southeast of Falcarragh…

3. Dunfanaghy Workhouse

7.32 MILES

This prominent stone building on the western edge of town was once the local workhouse, built to keep and employ the destitute. Conditions were horrible…

4. Killahoey Beach

7.87 MILES

Wide, sandy and empty Killahoey strand – a Blue Flag beach – leads right into the heart of Dunfanaghy village.

5. Errigal Mountain

8.25 MILES

The pinkish-grey quartzite peak of Errigal Mountain (752m) dominates the landscape of northwestern Donegal, appearing conical from some angles, but from…

6. Tau Cross

8.44 MILES

The 12th-century Tau Cross, an odd, T-shaped cruciform that suggests the possibility of seafaring exchanges with early Coptic Christians from Egypt,…

7. An Cloígtheach Bell Tower

8.55 MILES

Not far from the Tau Cross, this 6th- or 7th-century round tower has a circumference of nearly 16m and a round-headed doorway high above the ground.

8. R. L. Rodgers Gallery

8.55 MILES

Artist Ruairí Rodgers has a small gallery of his work at his home. Look for his house next to the An Cloígtheach Bell Tower. It's painted white, green and…