Pura Dalem Ning Lan Taman Beji

Bukit Peninsula

Tanjung Benoa's main Hindu temple features a nicely carved triple entrance. It's a short walk from the peninsula's Chinese Buddhist temple and the mosque.

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Nearby Bukit Peninsula attractions

1. Caow Eng Bio

0.05 MILES

While strolling Tanjung Benoa's narrow lanes, you'll come across the brightly coloured Caow Eng Bio, an ornate Chinese Buddhist temple.

2. Mosque

0.13 MILES

As you explore Tanjung Benoa's narrow, multicultural streets, you'll encounter this domed mosque, located within 100m of the peninsula's Chinese Buddhist…

5. Pasifika Museum

3.21 MILES

When groups from nearby resorts aren’t around, you’ll probably have this large museum to yourself. A collection of art from Pacific Ocean cultures spans…

6. Mads Lange's Tomb


Mads Lange, a Danish copra trader and 19th-century adventurer, set up a successful trading enterprise near modern-day Kuta in 1839. He mediated profitably…

7. Morning Market

3.43 MILES

This is one of the best markets in Bali for a visit because it’s compact, so you can see a lot without wandering forever. Local chefs swear by the quality…

8. Pura Ulun Siwi

3.46 MILES

Across from the morning market, this ebony-hued temple from the 18th century is a snoozy place until it explodes with life, offerings, incense and more on…