Cocha Otorongo

Amazon Basin

A lovely lake enfolded within Parque Nacional Manu, with an observation tower to aid wildlife-watching.

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1. Cocha Salvador


Probably Parque Nacional Manu's loveliest lake, at least amongst the part of the park visited by tourists, with camping and hiking possibilities.

2. Cocha Juárez

14.11 MILES

Giant river otters are often seen on wildlife-replete Cocha Juárez, although tours rarely stop here these days.

3. Cocha Brashco

15.64 MILES

Preferred over Cocha Juárez these days as a lake to spy wildlife such as the giant river otter.

4. Parque Nacional Manu

20.34 MILES

This vast national park in the Amazon Basin covers almost 20,000 sq km and is one of the best places in South America to see a stunning variety of…

5. Boca Manu

24.97 MILES

The long boat journey down the Río Alto Madre de Dios from Atalaya to Boca Manu, at the junction with the Río Manu, can take almost a day. Boca Manu…