Killarney Provincial Park

Top choice in Northern Ontario

Killarney is often called the crown jewel of the Ontario park system, and is considered to be one of the finest kayaking destinations in the world. Paddlers can spend from a day to a week exploring over 50 lakes, including two deep, clear gems on either side of the La Cloche ('the bell') Mountains. A network of short hikes also offers glimpses of the majestic terrain, including the Cranberry Bog Trail (a 4km loop) and the Granite Ridge Trail (a 2km loop).

The Group of Seven artists had a cabin near Hwy 6 (just west of the park) and persuaded the Ontario government to establish the park. In fact, the park’s La Cloche Silhouette Trail is named after Franklin Carmichael’s legendary painting of the range. The rugged 80km (seven- to 10-day) trek, geared toward experienced hikers, twists through a mountainous realm of sapphire lakes, thirsty birches, luscious pine forests and shimmering quartzite cliffs.

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