Perhaps unsurprisingly our round-up for December reflects the time of year with a post on Christmas markets, one on New Year family travel resolutions and another with a planner for the UK school holidays. We’re also travelling far and wide with posts on Kyoto and the Galápagos, all with kids in tow – obviously!

Leona and her daughter enjoy the Golden Pavilion © Leona Bowman

Kyoto with kids – Leona Bowman

If Japan is on your family’s wish list this post is a must-read. It details several child-friendly places to explore in Kyoto and provides useful practical details on costs, how to get around and where to eat. There are also sweet photos of Leona’s toddler daughter having a ball exploring Japan.

Leona blogs at where she is on a mission to show how you can travel the world in luxury with a tot in tow.

Land-based Galápagos guide – Nancy Besharah

Another place that may well be on your family’s long term dream list is the Galápagos, and it’s always useful to store up ideas for how you might actually do a trip. Many people chose to explore these famous islands by boat but here Nancy covers her family’s land-based trip with practical details and plenty of useful photographs.

With a focus on luxury, Nancy blogs on authentic and inspired family travel at

Innsbruck Christmas Market – Clare Thomson

If you’ve never taken your children to a Christmas market, Clare’s post will convince you that a family weekend to Innsbruck in the 2019 festive season is a must-do. Not only does the whole experience sound (and look) magical, Clare shares a lovely range of different ideas for families exploring Innsbruck beyond the market.

Clare blogs at where she aims to inspire travellers to slow down and take the time to appreciate and enjoy a place.

Innsbruck gets transformed for the Christmas market © Assawin / Getty Images

New year travel resolutions – Jenny Lyn

If you’re reading this as an avid family traveller we’re thinking you might have a travel resolution or two on your list for the new year. Jenny’s gone a step further with listing 12 ideas for ‘new year, new travel family’, ending with the best ‘Make 2019 the year of travel!’.

Jason and Jenny love to travel and believe that having young children shouldn’t change that. Follow their adventures at

Best school holiday destinations (from the UK) – Kate Lewis

Based on the UK school holidays, Kate has gone through every school break and made suggestions for short and long haul destinations taking into consideration the climate and the time available. The perfect post to read if you’re inspired by Jenny’s resolution to make 2019 the year of travel.

Kate blogs for adventurous parents at, which covers the fun for kids AND parents.

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