Bashor Ghar

Rajshahi & Rangpur

Possibly the grandest of Mahasthangarh's historic sites, this lofty and multi-tiered red-brick pavilion dates back to around the 7th century, although it was excavated only about 80 years ago. Local legend describes it as the bashor ghar or wedding pavilion of Behula, the daughter of a rich Bengali trader, whose husband was tragically bitten by a snake on the very night of her wedding (presumably in this very pavilion) but later brought back to life by the goddess Manasa.

The main entrance to the pavilion is still buried under the earth, but you can climb up a ragged staircase to the top of the building, stepping around grass-covered, pit-like cells along the way. The ramparts provide some good photo-ops, and the gardens and village areas around the structure are also worth a wander. The complex is located in Gokul village, which is a short walk from the Gokul turn-off on the main road to Bogra, about 1.5km south of Mahasthangarh.