Postcard from... the Peak District, UK

For our latest writing competition we partnered up with Disney's Moana to seek out the best adventure stories from our young explorers. Here nine-year-old Megan tells us and shows us how persevering with something hard can be really rewarding as she tries rock climbing for the first time.

Kids Blog - Megan1

I felt my foot slip off a rock. I'm so scared I might fall but I keep trying. I reach for the next one and put one foot firmly against the rock face as I heave myself up. I'm a bit higher now but I dare not look down.

As I climb, I could feel the whole rope shake.

'This is ridiculous,' I think to myself, 'I'm never going to make it to the top'.

My breath is heavy now and I can feel sweat dripping down my forehead. Both my arms and legs are working in unison. There are only a few rocks left now.

Suddenly everything starts to ache. I keep pushing myself despite the pain. As I finally reach the top, I pull myself up and over the edge. I sit down with defiance. I press the buzzer and cry out 'I made it!'

Kids Blog - Megan2

I glance down to the foot of the rock climbing wall. I can see Mummy and Daddy's smiling faces and soon I am pushing off the wall and sailing down. I feel weightless as if I'm floating in the air. My whole body is tingling with excitement. What a crazy adventure!

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