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Postcard from... North Wales

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Drew and his Dad are ready to hit the coastal waters

Here, 11-year-old Drew Davis tells us all about his time exploring the rocky coast of Anglesey.

Last summer my dad took me coasteering along the island of Anglesey. The island is located in the top left-hand corner of north Wales. We loaded the van with our bags and drove for an hour and a half to the Anglesey Outdoors Campsite.

The weather was fantastic  it was the hottest summer on record since I was born. We headed to Porth Dafarch beach to meet the rest of the group. My dad and Woolly led the group down to the water's edge. I jumped and made a big splash. I disappeared under the water and popped back up to the surface.

We clambered along the rocky coast and swam through pools of water. I used a diver’s face mask to observe Moon jellyfish under the water. The jellyfish were amazing – they were purple and transparent.

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My favourite part of the day was watching an old man jump 70 feet into the water. My dad thought he was mad. After four hours of swimming in the water I felt really hungry. My dad took me to a supermarket near Holyhead and I enjoyed a huge meal. It was a wonderful end to the day.

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