Not For Parents – travel books for kids (and free ebook)

At Lonely Planet we’re all about inspiring and empowering people to get out there and explore the world, no matter who you are or where you’re from. But recently we realised that we had been unintentionally leaving a very important group of travellers out of the picture: kids.

No longer. That’s why we released our new ‘Not For Parents’ series – for budding travel lovers 8 and up.

Not For Parents opens up the world to a whole new generation of adventurers – with intriguing stories and fascinating facts about people, places, history and culture from around the world. From hideous histories to funky food, they cover all the cool stuff to know and are jam-packed with photos, illustrations and cartoons.

Warning to parents: these might not be the same ‘really interesting’ (read: boring) bits that you like…where to buy coffee, how many stars the hotel has, and other things likely to put your kid right to sleep. Instead these books cover actually cool stuff everyone should know like where you can see Platform 9 ¾ in real life, why New York taxis are painted yellow, and – that burning question that every youngster is dying to ask – did the ancient Romans wear underpants? We’ll leave you in suspense.

The series includes The Travel Book – a visual journey through every country in the world – plus four city books that give the inside scoop on Paris, Rome, New York City, and London.

Check them out on the Shop. Ebook versions are also available on the iBookstore (links below). We also have a freeNot For Parents’ ebook available on the iBookstore – which includes content from each of the four city guides, and the Not For Parents Travel Book – let the kids give it a try!

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Links to all of the Not For Parents titles on the iBookstore:

  1. Free: Not For Parents ebook
  2. Not For Parents : The Travel Book
  3. Not For Parents : Rome
  4. Not For Parents : London
  5. Not For Parents : New York City
  6. Not For Parents : Paris

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