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Watching the sunset in Zimbabwe © Great Zimbabwe Guide

This month’s round-up has a distinctly off-the-beaten track feel with posts on travelling with kids to Zimbabwe, Taiwan and, yes, Bournemouth (in England) with teens. We’re also helping you improve your family travel photography skills and introducing you to fairy tale-like Loarre Castle in Spain.

It’s so unusual to read anything about families travelling in Zimbabwe we almost felt duty bound to include this post. Luckily it’s also well-written with excellent photographs, loads of practical details and interesting ideas.  A must-read if you are thinking about combining ‘bush’ with ‘baby’ in Africa.

Ex-local and regular visitor Beth aims to provide useful travel information for anyone wanting to visit Zimbabwe at greatzimbabweguide.com.

Staying off that well-trodden path, we really enjoyed learning about the unique and interesting things families will enjoy doing in Taipei. Bronwyn travels with her three kids, one of whom uses a wheelchair, so reading her blog is always truly inspirational.

Follow Bronwyn and her incredible family on their many adventures around the world at smithsholidayroad.com.

Bournemouth may not be quite as intrepid as Taiwan or Zimbabwe but some might argue that travelling with teens is. Here Karen provides lots of ideas for making a successful short break with teens fun for all involved. We also like the way she reminds us that travelling with teens can push us out of our comfort zones too.

Karen loves planning trips, big and small. See where she takes you next at karenrose.travel.blog.

Castles are fantastic places to explore with kids so we’re always keen to add more to our castle bucket list (yes, such a thing does exist). In this practical post Clare highlights a special castle with amazing views and fun activities to get your princess- or knight-in-training properly engaged.

Clare blogs at suitcasesandsandcastles.com where she aims to inspire travellers to slow down and take the time to appreciate and enjoy a place.

If you are like us (and many other modern parents) and photograph your children relentlessly, read this. Based on her experience as a portrait photographer and active mum Kristin has pulled together 10 pointers for improving your holiday snaps which are both easy to understand and easy to implement.

Based in Switzerland, Kristin blogs about family travel and keeping it simple. Follow her at simplefamilytravel.net.

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