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Fun in the ocean – captured by a drone © worldoftravelswithkids

Our family travel Pathfinders have been busy this month. From our community of seasoned travellers, we’re bringing you some ideas for spring break in Europe, as well as more focused inspiration from the Dorset Coast in the UK, and a photo post on Epcot. There’ll also be the chance to try something different, from taking a drone on a family trip to staying in a mobile home!

Did you know it can be cheaper to travel to Europe, than to travel within the US for spring break? If you're looking for ideas, Tamara has gathered suggestions from her favourite family travel bloggers, and added in a healthy dose of her own experience to create this list of 15 family-friendly places in Europe that are perfect for a spring break trip.

Tamara likes to blend a bit of education, cultural exploration, adventure and good food into every trip. Follow her blog at we3travel.com.

Here at Lonely Planet Kids, we love posts that spotlight places to explore that will excite both kids and adults alike. Clare’s coverage of the Dorset Coast ticks all the boxes, with plenty of fun ideas for the kids (beaches, fossils and even Dippy from the Natural History Museum!) and pretty villages, good food and links to literature for the adults.

Clare blogs at suitcaseandsandcastles.com where she aims to inspire travellers to slow down, and take the time to appreciate and enjoy a place.

Visiting Disney World with children can feel like a mission of military proportions, so it’s helpful to have suggestions for ways to keep things calm! This post will encourage you to visit the World Showcase for a more relaxing last day, with the added bonus of your kids learning a bit about the wider world too.

Laura focuses her family travel tips on three different themes: culture, courage, and education. Read more at letsgolittleone.com.

Chances are that your family either already owns or has discussed getting a done, but how many of you have taken one on a trip? Here, Ariana talks us through why, despite her initial misgivings, taking her drone on a family holiday to Fiji was a big success.

Ariana believes adventures can be both global and local. Follow her at worldoftravelswithkids.com.

Ways to save money are usually appreciated by family travellers who are often part of a bigger group. If you don’t love tents but are happy to be on a campsite, then Kristin may have the solution for you here! Read on and watch to learn more about staying in a mobile home on a campsite in Italy.

Based in Switzerland, Kristin blogs about family travel and keeping it simple. Follow her at simplefamilytravel.net.

Find out what else the Lonely Planet Pathfinders are up to (or sign up yourself!) by checking out the LP Pathfinders forum on Thorn Tree.

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