Postcard from... Mount Taylor, Australia

Last year we ran a competition with Disney's Moana where we asked young explorers to tell us about an epic adventure they've had while travelling. Here eight-year-old runner-up Alarna tells us all about climbing a mountain near Canberra, Australia.

Kids Blog - Alarna2
Alarna reaches the top and gets an amazing view

I went to Mount Taylor on 17th of April 2017 with my family. Mount Taylor is a mountain in Canberra. It has an elevation of 856m. I had never been there before. It took 25 mins to drive there and 1 hour to climb up and back, but really I think it took 2 hours.

The path at the start is not too steep but once you start onto the mountain it is very steep. About half way I fell over and hurt my knee. I was very brave and continued all the way up and back. There were seats near the path where you could see a lovely view. Once we got up the mountain, we took photos and enjoyed the epic view. There was this board that you can look at, it tells you what other mountains and buildings are around you. When you went down, it was hard and easy at the same time. The easy part was it did not feel steep and the hard part is you wanted to speed walk/run, but you shouldn’t because you could fall over.

It was fun and quite an adventure. We drove home after that.

Kids Blog - Alarna1
Alarna and her family take a well-earned break from their climb

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