Best family travel blogs: March 2019

This month's round-up criss-crosses the globe with articles on exploring Nairobi with young kids, New York City with tweens and how to spend family time in one of Italy's most popular areas, Cinque Terre. We've also got a list of Latin American family adventures and a philosophical article on family travel beyond the glamorous Instagram stories you so often see.

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Playing spot the zebra in Nairobi National Park © Travel Mad Mum

Nairobi with kids – Karen Edwards

It's very rare that a family travel blogger covers Nairobi, but this post does an excellent job of explaining why some time in the capital should be on your itinerary if you are visiting Kenya. Karen shows us why Nairobi National Park is such a good introduction to being in Kenya and to life on safari – plus it's always fun to see photos from Giraffe Manor.

Karen spent her maternity leave travelling and has blogged at ever since with the aim of inspiring like-minded travel-loving parents.

Tweens can be a hard age to cater for when you travel. Though still kids at heart, their tastes are becoming more adult so finding things to keep everyone happy can be a challenge. From hot dogs from a street vendor and walking the High Line to discovering an Ancient Egyptian temple in the Met and enjoying the TVs in the back of the yellow cabs, these suggestions are fun and varied and most importantly really are specifically focused on things tweens will love.

Clare blogs at where she aims to inspire travellers to slow down and take the time to appreciate and enjoy a place.

Cinque Terre with the kids – Marta Correale

This beautiful part of Italy is well-known for being crazily busy in the height of summer, so it's not necessarily somewhere you would immediately chose for a family break. Marta turns that assumption on its head with a post full of practical details. She covers transport connections, the best time to go and places to stay with kids as well as what you can expect for the children in each village and what else you can do as a family during your trip.

An Italian expat in Ireland, Marta is passionate about introducing kids to cultural travel. She blogs at

Kids Blog - Manarola, Cinque Terre
Beautiful Manarola in Cinque Terre has a lovely playground too ©Emma Shaw / Lonely Planet

Anything that has Latin America and family adventure in the title is bound to leave you with severe wanderlust and Ariana's post does not disappoint. Her list covers nine different ideas and provides just the right amount of information to help you decide if you want to research more, and then, if you do, there are plenty of useful links.

Ariana believes that with kids even a short excursion is an adventure. Explore more at

This post caught our eye due to its starting point: that the many appealing family travel shots we see on Instagram are out of reality with most family's travel experiences. Montoya goes on to list ten principles of family travel for the everyday family. Whichever one of the ten chimes with you they are a good reminder of how to live your best family travel life.

Montoya and her husband believe in making the most of each spring break and blog about their travel experiences at

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