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It's no surprise that here at Lonely Planet Kids we think vacations are a very important part of family life and if you're reading this then you probably agree. But have you stopped to think about why exactly you hold these trips so dear? From creating memories to pushing your clan out of its collective comfort zone, here’s why we value family holidays – it's the perfect list to have up your sleeve next time someone tries to tell you travel and kids don’t mix.

The expert view

Family vacations are essential because they give us the opportunity to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with each other. Whether it’s a bike ride down to the tip of Long Beach Island or a rainy hike through the foliage of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque, our best memories are of times spent exploring a new place together. I believe the most important thing to remember about family vacations is that they do not need to be extravagant. It’s not the luxury of the accommodations or the numbers of stars on the restaurant rating that matters to your kids—it’s the time spent together.

Lonely Planet Kids’ Publisher Hanna Otero

Our Twitter community says…

Because these are the times you’ll hold dearest in your heart & memory when you’re old & grey (that was a bit deep! But true I think) - @chalkie81 

They are time to reflect and reconnect. We often get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget how to really cherish our children and our amazing planet. Family travel allows us to take a step back and enjoy the eyes of your children where everything is awe inspiring - @Fiveadventurers

Memories made for all the family, uncomplicated time together without day to day distractions - @bendylegsjo

Our Facebook fans say….

Because memories last longer than "things". We don't really buy material gifts, we buy experiences/travel. Less clutter in the house and more together time out in the world! - Tricia Gatte Andrews

I think it's good to take kids out of their comfort zone, to see the world from a different perspective. They learn tolerance of other cultures. - Sheree Paramasivam

Because you can spend quality time together without the stresses of everyday life, no jobs need doing, there’s no routine or deadlines. And you can explore and experience new things together. It doesn’t matter if you sleep in or go to bed late, you can just sit and watch the world go by if you want or you can work your way round the local sights because you don’t have to be anywhere else except together. - Lauren Osborne

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