Ask LP Kids: what’s your top tip for flying with a baby?

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Flying with an infant is no small undertaking. A baby needs to be carried (or carefully supported if not being carried), get plenty of sleep and receive nourishment at the right time, and preferably have just the right amount of stimulation without tipping into sensory overload. All these elements can be hard for parents to control when they are in the air, but being prepared can definitely help. We asked our community of family travellers to share their top tips for flying with a baby.

The expert view

My favourite acronym for ensuring a stress free flight with a baby is S.A.S. It stands for sleep aids, activities and snacks - and can also be applied to a toddler or child. Sleep aids can range from a familiar blanket and a shade to keep the bright lights of the plane out to requesting the bassinets so baby can stretch out for a while. Anything related to sleep. It may be different for each baby and for me that was having a baby carrier, where my little man is happiest and rests best!

When it comes to activities, having something new and interesting is key to holding their attention that bit longer. Fidget cubes, finger puppets and interactive books (thin ones, for packing purposes!) have always been a good option for us. Depending on whether baby has weaned or not, snacks are essential for making it through the flight. Besides from being a familiar food, small finder foods such as blueberries also keep them content and entertained for a while. Purée pouches and crackers have also been our snacks of choice.

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