Ask LP Kids: what is world-schooling?

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If you love to travel, have children in your life and use social media it’s highly likely that you will have heard the term ‘world-schooling’. But what does it actually mean? We asked our Lonely Planet Kids community, which includes a fair few ‘world-schoolers’, to tell us what it means to them and show us how they do it.

The expert view

'We world-school our kids because we feel that the world is the best classroom out there! What better way to learn history and geography then being able to actually visit the places instead of just reading about them in a text book. Plus, our kids are getting to see all of the different cultures and people that make up this beautiful planet that we live on. In our eyes there is nothing that can educate better then pure experience and the fact that we get to be there with them on this journey of learning and life is just icing on the cake.'

– Lonely Planet family travel pathfinder Bryanna from Crazy Family Adventure

'We've found, over the last five years on the road, that taking our boys to the source has been a superb way for them to learn about the world. Why be stuck with a book and a classroom?  They can be out there, seeing, touching and experiencing history, cultures, geography and every incredible thing the world has to offer.

We love that if the boys want to learn more about a favourite topic, we can take them to the best place to deepen their knowledge, be that the pyramids, Tikal, The Ganges, the Dali Museum, Mount Everest or a peasant village in Romania. They have their freedom, they're meeting diverse people of all ages and backgrounds and they're loving their lives. As an added bonus we parents get to spend their entire childhoods with them, not just school holidays.

– Family travel blogger Alyson from World Travel Family

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Want to investigate further? Try these helpful extra resources:

1) The Guardian gives a good overview of why more people are choosing this less traditional educational route.

2) The World Travel Family have been world-schooling for four years and have pages of detailed advice on their blog.

3) The Vagabond Family is a community site dedicated to nomadic family travel with specific posts on ‘road-schooling’.

4) Read all about one young woman’s personal experience of world-schooling.

5) Featured in Outside magazine is this interesting essay by an ‘un-schooling’ Dad based in northern Vermont.

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