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Time to think outside the box! You'll need your thinking caps on to solve these riddles from our brand new book Brain Teasers – but don't worry, we've included the answers at the bottom in case you get stuck.

Brain teasers

1. Why can’t a man living in Scotland be buried in England?

2. A man has two buckets: one holds 5 litres of water, the other holds 3 litres. How can he measure out 1 litre of water without spilling any?

3. What gets harder to catch the faster you run?

4. What has an eye but cannot see?

5. What starts with t and ends with t and only has t inside?

6. What goes up as rain comes down?

7. What has feet but no legs?

8. What has arms but no hands and helps you see?

9. What has two arms and four legs but no elbows?

10.  What gets bigger the more you take away?

11. What has leaves but also a heart?

12. What has many branches but no leaves?

13. Which four days of the week start with the letter t?

14. How many legs does a butterfly have if you call its antennae legs?

15. You are in a cold dark cabin with a stove, a fireplace and a candle. You have only one match left. What must you light first?

16. How many coloured pencils do I have if none are purple but all but three are green, all but three are pink, all but three are orange and all but three are blue?

17. What was the first gift you were given? It is yours but is mostly used by others.

18. You have a bucket filled to the brim with sand. It is very heavy. What can you put in your bucket that will make it lighter and easier to carry?

19. What is so delicate that uttering just one word will break it?

20. Would you rather have a venomous snake bite you or a ferocious tiger?

Keep going! 17 more brain teasers to go...

21. If four cockerels lay two eggs a day for six days, how many eggs would you have on the seventh day?

22.  Canadian Mountie rode into town on Tuesday and stayed for five days but left on Tuesday. How can this be possible?

23. What is of little use unless it is broken?

24. A man in Delhi did not sleep for over 365 days. How did he do it?

25. Which weighs more: a tonne of chocolate or a tonne of balloons?

26. Two fathers and two sons when ice skating and they all hired skates. Only three pairs of skates were hired. How is this possible?

27.  If there are 15 oranges and you take three, how many do you have?

28. A man fell down a three-storey staircase but didn't get hurt. How is this possible?

29. Before the discovery of Mt. Everest, what was the highest mountain on Earth?

30. What holds more water when it has more holes in it?

31. What can you take and hold but not touch with your hands?

32. What are the next two letters in this sequence? W, A, T, N, T, L, I, …, …

33.  Ava has 18 stick insects. She gives away all but six of them. How many are left?

34. A little boy and a soldier in uniform are at the park. The boy is the soldier’s son but the soldier in uniform is not the little boy’s father. How can this be?

35. What thrives when you feed it but fades when you water it?

36. What tree does everyone carry in their hand?

37. What is easy to catch but hard to throw?

Stuck? Take a peek at the answers!

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