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Jostedalsbreen & Nigardsbreen

Introducing Jostedalsbreen & Nigardsbreen

The Jostedalen valley pokes due north from Lustrafjord's Gaupne. This slim finger sits between two national parks: long established Jostedalsbreen on the west side and, to its east, Breheimen national park. It's a spectacular drive as the road runs beside the milky turquoise river, tumbling beneath the eastern flank of the Nigardsbreen glacier.

Of the Jostedalsbreen glacier tongues visible from below, Nigardsbreen is the most dramatic and easy to approach, as well as the offering the best glacier walks.

If you're an experienced walker and fancy communing alone with (but not on) the ice, continue further up the road past the braided glacial streams at Fåbergstølsgrandane to the dam that creates the big glacial lake, Styggevatnet. Along the way you'll find several scenic glacial tongues and valleys offering excellent wild hiking.