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Cat Tien National Park

Getting there & away

Whichever way you come, you’ll be dropped off at the park office, 100m before the ferry across the Dong Nai River to park headquarters. Buy your entrance ticket from the park office, which will include the price of the ferry crossing.

The most common approach to the park is from Hwy 20, which connects Dalat with HCMC. To reach the park, follow the narrow 24km road, which branches west from Hwy 20 at Talai Junction (Nga Ban Talai), 125km north of HCMC and 175km south of Dalat. The road to the park is signposted at the junction, and with your own wheels getting there shouldn’t be a hassle.

By bus, take any Dalat-bound service (35, 000d, four hours) and tell the driver to let you off at Vuon Quoc Gia Cat Tien. From this junction, you can hire a motorbike (they’re always around) to take you the remaining 25km to the park (around 40, 000d).

Another approach to Cat Tien National Park is to take a boat across Langa Lake and then go by foot from there. Dalat Holidays/Phat Tire Ventures (063-829 422; www.phattireventures.com) is a reputable ecotour operator in Dalat and is a good place to inquire about this and other access options from the central highlands area (including mountain-biking to the park from Dalat).

Although many travel agencies from HCMC operate tours to the park, we’ve received mixed reviews from the budget agencies. For a reputable customised birding, bike or hiking tour, contact Sinhbalo Adventures.

Cat Tien National Park