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Climate & when to go

Vanuatu's climate varies from wet tropical in the north (over 4000mm of rainfall a year) to subtropical in the south (less than 2000mm), with dry rain-shadow areas in between. The dry season - from May to October - is cruising time: sparkling days and pleasantly cool evenings. This is Vanuatu at its glorious best - festivals and sporting contests are held, beaches call. For walking, the cooler period from June to August is better. Speaking of cool, it's advisable to take some warm clothing year-round.

November to April is the wet season, with higher temperatures, heavier rains, and mosquitoes. December to March is cyclone time. Vanuatu averages 2.5 cyclones a year.

Temperatures in Luganville and Port Vila range from 27°C in July to 30°C in January. Lenakel (on Tanna) is a degree or two cooler. Winter nights in Vila can drop to below 12°C.