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Money and costs

Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Downtown casino hotel room on a weekday: $35–90
  • Food-court and fast-food meals: $6–12
  • 24-hour Deuce & SDX bus pass: $8
  • Standard Strip casino hotel room on a weekday: $65–150
  • Discounted tickets to a production show: $30–90
  • Meal at a casual sit-down restaurant: $20–45
  • Three-day monorail pass: $28
Top end (more than)
  • Suite at a luxury Strip megaresort: from $200
  • VIP tickets to production shows: from $125
  • Spa treatments: $75–300
  • Taxi between Strip and downtown: $20–25 one-way, plus tip

ATM transaction fees inside casino gaming areas are high. Credit cards are widely accepted.


Keep small bills on hand. If you receive remarkably lousy service, you can leave a poor tip or, in exceptionally bad cases, none at all (but this is rare). Here's a thumbnail guide to tipping in Las Vegas:

Airport skycaps $2 per bag, $5 minimum per cart

Bartenders 15% per round, or at least $1 per drink

Bellhops and hotel porters $2 per bag, $5 minimum per cart

Cocktail waiters $1 per drink while gambling in a casino

Concierges Nothing for info, up to $10 for securing tickets to a sold-out show

Hotel maids $2 to $4 per night, left every day with the card or envelope provided

Limo drivers $5 per person, or 15% of the total fare, whichever is higher

Restaurants 18% to 20%; don't tip if a service charge (usually for groups of six or more) is already included on the bill

Room service 15%, minus any gratuity automatically charged on the bill

Taxis 10% to 15% of the metered fare, then round the total up to the next dollar

Valet parking attendants $2 to $5 per car, paid when the keys are handed back to you