Introducing Doi Khun Tan National Park

This 225-sq-km national park straddles the mountains between Lamphun and Lampang Provinces. It ranges in elevation from 350m at the bamboo forest lowlands to 1363m at the pine-studded summit of Doi Khun Tan. Wildflowers, including orchids, ginger and lilies, are abundant. At the park headquarters there are maps of well-marked trails that range from short walks around the headquarters' vicinity to trails covering the mountain's four peaks; there's also a trail to Nam Tok Tat Moei (7km round trip). Intersecting the mountain slopes is Thailand's longest train tunnel (1352m), which opened in 1921 after six years of manual labour by thousands of Lao workers (several of whom are said to have been killed by tigers).

Bungalows are available near the park headquarters. There is a restaurant by the bungalows. The park is very popular on cool-season weekends.

The main access to the park is from the Khun Tan train station. To check timetables and prices for other destinations call the State Railway of Thailand or look at its website. Once at the Khun Tan station, cross the tracks and follow a steep, marked path 1.3km to the park headquarters. By car take the Chiang Mai-Lampang highway to the Mae Tha turn-off then follow the signs along a steep unpaved road for 18km.