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Introducing Prasat Puay Noi

The 12th-century Prasat Puay Noi is the largest and most interesting Khmer ruin in northern Isan, though it can't compete with even some of the not-so-famous ruins further south. About the size of Buriram's Prasat Muang Tam, but less grand, the east-facing monument comprises a large central sandstone sanctuary surmounted by three partially collapsed prang and surrounded by laterite walls. There are still some excellent carvings intact, including Shiva riding his bull Nandi, on the pediment on the back of the 'library' and some almost lifelike naga on the corner of the main entrance.

By public transport from Khon Kaen, catch a bus (35B, one hour, every 30 minutes) or train (9B, 30 minutes, 8am and 8.30am) to Ban Phai, then a sŏrng·tăa·ou to Puay Noi (35B, one hour). The last sŏrng·tăa·ou back to Ban Phai leaves at 2pm. If you have your own wheels, head east of Ban Phai on Hwy 23 (signposted to Borabu) for 11km to Rte 2301. Follow it and Rte 2297 for 24km.