Jingtong information

Lonely Planet review

The village of Jingtong marks the end of the line, and Jingtong Station (菁桐站, Jīngtóng zhàn) is one of the best-preserved traditional train stations in Taiwan. With nearby coal carts, train engines, abandoned buildings strangled by roots, Japanese-era wooden houses and hiking trails, it's a fun place to explore and take pictures.

There's also some great hiking in the area. One favourite is up to the pyramid-shaped Shulong Point (薯榔尖, Shǔláng Jiān; also Shulangjian Mt Trail; 622m) the highest mountain in the area. To get to the trailhead from the train station, cross the tracks and climb to the first level. Head left and when the road splits turn right and head up the narrow lane through tiny Er Keng Village. There are English signs for the trailhead just past the village.