Get a boat from south america to south africa or close by

Hi to everyone!

I am in Chile nowadays and i am tring to fingerout all posibilities to get a boat (anykind) from here, argentina, uruguay or brazil to reach south africa until March or april.

i never worked in a boat but i have some km like a pasenger.

i dont care if i have to pay or work, i just need to arrive there! its matter of love so i just dont swim until there because its a big distance and actually i dont swim so well..

here the plane tickets are to much expensive for me thats why i…


Krugar - Tsitsikamma - Knysna

Hello all,
I'm heading to South Africa in April on my honeymoon and we are planning to go to the Krugar National Park and then to head to the Garden Route. Unfortunately I'm having difficulty finding accomodation in the Krugar Park. I have looked at the bungalows in the park and they all seem to have twin rooms. Is there anywhere that somebody can recommend? If I get a place to stay outside the park, would that mean that I have to book day passes?
Also, we are planning this as our itinerary:


Travelling in december to juanary in South Africa

hello all,

We are thinking in south africa from the next week to the middle of januery.... We know that the big season over there at this time, but can you tell me iff is very dfficult to
- travelling inside the country because too much people
- to find a place to sleep
- acces in the national park
- travelling inside the country without a car
- to be a little quiet like in holyday ..

thank you already for the answers...

Fabrice (yes, I m french boy :)


3-Month Southern Africa Itinerary - too ambitious?

Hey All,

It will be my first time in the African continent and I'm planning on being there for roughly 3 months, flying into Jo-burg in South Africa. I thought it would be amazing to do the following:

SCUBA dive in Mozambique
Visit Madagascar (is the diving better there? Could I just scrap Mozambique?)
Visit Namibia - this is where I planned to go on Safari
Climb Kilimanjaro
Finish with some beach time in Zanzibar

Looking at the map, they're all pretty close to each other but I want to give…


Cape Town to Cango Route

Hi, next week heading out to SA but sadly we are on quite a tight schedule. After a few days in Cape Town, we are renting a car, and then we are heading east to stay at Hog Hollow (The Crags, Plettenberg Bay), then off to Shamwari.

We need to do the Cape Town to Hog Hollow trip in a day (no flexibility there at all), and it looks like a good 7 hour drive.Google Maps suggests three different routes, of similar KM and time. One is east to Worcester, then north around Anysberg Nature Reserve on…


Transport query

Hi folks!
Can someone advise who has perhaps found themselves in this position, or someone better at logistics than I am?
I assume we will have 4 suitcases in tow.We land from JHB around 7pm weekday,
We will require a mid sized car for the 4 pax, but when adding 4 cases a mid sized car won't suffice, meaning we require a bigger vehicle, but only for the airport commute( both back and forth).
Thereafter, for the following week or so a medium car is all we need. Do I have to hire a bigger car/…


Beitbridge border crossing

Hello! A few questions about crossing the SA/Zimbabwe border at Beitbridge.
- Can I pay for Zim visa in SA Rand? Or can I use a Visa credit card?
- If travelling on a direct bus between Joburg and Masvingo do I need to get my visa in advance or can i buy at the border
- How much is the visa for a Canadian?

Thanks so much!


Visiting Professor Visa for More Than Three Months?

I am a professor with a Fellowship at Stellenbosch University. The Fellowship is for three months, but my partner and I plan to stay longer. The Consular webpage says I simply have to return to my home country (US!) to renew the visa, but that can't be right. The University isn't being particularly helpful.

Has anyone faced this before? Did you simply go to Namibia or Swaziland and re-enter the country to renew for another three months?

Thanks for your help!


Garden Route & Cape Town with a baby and a 3-yr old...

hey there, my wife and me will fly to Cape Town early February with our then 6 month old and 3 yr old sons.
I would greatly appreciate any advice on good, family-friendly accomodation (medium price) along the Garden Route and in Cape Town and on what to do especially well suited for the kids (apart from all the great outdoors things).
Thanks a lot!
greetings from Germany,



Hi Guys!

I have tried to do a bit of research but not getting anywhere fast. Next Christmas 4 of us are planning to go SA for a couple of test matches. We will be flying into Joburg but need to get to Durban and then Cape Town about a week later.

Looking for transport ideas, wouldn't find doing a scenic train journey maybe. Also any advice on a decent Safari after the cape town test match we are prepared to travel as we will have a few days to do this.

Thanks in advance.