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Introducing Kerema

Kerema may be the provincial capital and one of the largest towns this side of Port Moresby but there is precious little bustle in the hustle to downtown Kerema. What is there can be found clustered around the central footy field, a 30-minute walk uphill from the wharf. Although it may be hard to believe, Kerema was primarily selected as the provincial capital because of its climate – it is comparatively drier than elsewhere in the province.

Apart from its friendly people, there is little else to recommend it. As a stop on a journey into the interior, however, it does have a useful couple of trade stores, including Ning’s Trading (648 1061), a Bank South Pacific (648 1025) that can cash travellers cheques and (if the telephone lines are operational) give out cash on credit cards. Other town amenities include a police station and a post office (648 1028).