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Essaouira , Morocco
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Essaouira’s wide, sandy beach is a great place for walking, but the strong winds and currents mean it’s not so good for sunbathing or swimming. Footballers, windsurfers and kitesurfers take over the town end of the beach, while fiercely competitive horse and camel owners ply the sands further on. They can be quite insistent, so be firm if you don’t want to take a ride (and bargain hard if you do).

If you’re walking, head south across the Ksob River (impassable at high tide) to see the ruins of the Borj el-Berod , an old fortress and pavilion that’s partially covered in sand. Local legend has it that this was the original inspiration for the Jimi Hendrix classic ‘Castles Made of Sand’. From here you can walk inland to the village of Diabat or continue along the sands to the sand dunes of Cap Sim.