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Getting there & away

The mainland ferry terminal for Miyajima is near Miyajima-guchi station on the JR San-yō line, between Hiroshima and Iwakuni. Miyajima trams from Hiroshima terminate at the Hiroden-Miyajima-guchi stop by the ferry terminal. The tram (¥270, 70 minutes) takes longer than the futsū (¥400, 25 minutes), but it can be boarded in central Hiroshima.

From the terminal, ferries shuttle to Miyajima (¥170, 10 minutes). JR passholders should use the one operated by JR. High-speed ferries (¥1600, 20 to 30 minutes, eight daily) operate direct to Miyajima from Hiroshima’s Ujina port. Another ferry (¥1900, 55 minutes, eight daily) links Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park with Miyajima.

Miyajima can be easily visited as a day trip from Hiroshima.