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Getting around


Local transport

To/from the airport

The Alilaguna (041 523 57 75; www.alilaguna.com) Orange Line ferry costs €13 from the airport ferry dock (an eight-minute walk from the terminal) to major stops at the Fondamente Nuove, near Piazza San Marco and at Zattere, making several stops along the 70-to-80-minute ride. The faster, direct Gold Line to/from San Zaccaria (near San Marco) takes 35 minutes, costs €25 and runs seven times daily on the half-hour.

ATVO (tel: 041 38 36 72; www.atvo.it) buses run to the airport from Piazzale Roma (€3, 20 minutes) about every half-hour. The trip to/from Piazzale Roma takes 65 minutes and costs €5.


The city’s main mode of public transport is vaporetto. Tickets can be purchased from the helloVenezia ticket booths (www.hellovenezia.com) at most landing stations. You can also buy tickets when boarding; you may be charged double with luggage.

Instead of spending €6.50 for a one-way ticket, consider buying a VENICEcard or a timed pass for unlimited travel within a set time period, which begins when you validate your ticket in the yellow machine located at a ferry dock. Passes for tickets for 12/24/36/48/72 hours are €16/18/23/28/33, and seven days cost €50.

Vaporetto stops can be confusing, so check the signs at the landing dock to make sure you’re at the right stop for the vaporetto line and direction you want. At major stops like Ferrovia, there are often two separate docks for the same vaporetto line, headed in opposite directions. Some lines make only limited stops, so check boat signage.

Here are key vaporetto lines and major stops, subject to seasonal change:

T Torcello–Burano (half-hourly service) and back from 7am to 8.30pm.

No 1 Piazzale Roma–Ferrovia–Grand Canal (all stops) –Lido and back.

No 2 Circular line: San Zaccaria–Redentore–Zattere–Tronchetto–Ferrovia–Rialto–Accademia–San Marco.

No 5 San Zaccaria–Murano and back.

No 8 Sacca Fisola–Zattere–Redentore–Giardini–Lido.

No 13 Fondamente Nuove–Murano–Vignole–Sant’Erasmo–Treporti and back.

No 17 Car ferry: Tronchetto–Lido and back (extends to Punta Sabbioni in summer).

No 18 Murano–Vignole–Sant’Erasmo–Lido and back (summer only).

No 20 San Zaccaria–San Servolo–San Lazzaro and back.

No 41 Circular line: Piazzale Roma–Sacca Fisola– Giudecca–San Zaccaria–San Pietro–Fondamente Nuove–Murano–Ferrovia.

No 42 Circular line in reverse direction to No 41.

No 51 Circular line: Piazzale RomaSanta Marta–Zattere–San Zaccaria–Lido–San Pietro–Fondamente Nuove–Ferrovia.

No 52 Circular line in reverse direction to No 51.

No 61 Limited-stops, weekdays-only circular line: Piazzale RomaSanta Marta–San Basilio–Zattere–Giardini–Sant’Elena–Lido.

No 62 Limited-stops, weekdays-only circular line, reverse direction to No 61.

N All-stops night circuit: Lido–Giardini–San Zaccaria–Grand Canal (all stops) –Ferrovia–Piazzale Roma–Tronchetto–Giudecca–San Giorgio–San Zaccaria (starts around 11.30pm; last service around 5am).

N A second night service (aka NMU) from Fondamente Nuove to Murano (all stops) – three or four runs from midnight.

N A third night run, this time a nocturnal version of the Laguna Nord service (aka NLN) – a handful of services between Fondamente Nuove and Burano, Mazzorbo, Torcello and Treporti.

DM (Diretto Murano) Tronchetto–Piazzale Roma– Ferrovia–Murano and back.

LN (Laguna Nord) San Zaccaria–Lido–Burano–Mazzorbo–Murano (Faro)–Fondamente Nuove and back.

Water taxis

The standard water taxi (tel: 041 522 23 03, 041 240 67 11) between Marco Polo airport and Venice runs €60 to €90 for up to four people; ask your B&B or hotel concierge to pair you with fellow travellers to share the ride. Official rates start at €8.90 plus €1.80 per minute, €6 extra if they’re called to your hotel and more for night trips, luggage and large groups. Prices can be metered or negotiated in advance.

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