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Money and costs

Indonesian Rupiahs (Rp)
Exchange Rates
Rates provided by Open Exchange Rates. Last updated April 20, 2017 2:52PM UTC
Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Simple rooms less than 200,000Rp
  • Cheap street meals under 20,000Rp
  • Travel like a local through much of Indonesia outside of major cities and tourist areas
  • Double rooms with air-con and wi-fi around US$30–80
  • Cheap flights to shorten distances
  • Guides plus meals in restaurants (where they exist)
Top end (more than)
  • Stay at resorts, often noted boutique properties in remote places
  • Use flights and cars with drivers to get around
  • Book special tours for activities like diving and visit top restaurants on Bali

The unit of currency used in Indonesia is the rupiah (Rp). Coins of 50Rp, 100Rp, 200Rp, 500Rp and 1000Rp are in circulation. Notes come in 2000Rp, 5000Rp, 10,000Rp, 20,000Rp, 50,000Rp and 100,000Rp denominations. For change in amounts below 50Rp, expect to receive a few sweets.

Try to carry a fair amount of money in bills 20,000Rp and under as getting change for larger bills is often a problem.

By government decree, all businesses are required to price goods and services in Rupiah. Many tourist outfits such as hotels and dive shops try to price in dollars or euros to avoid currency fluctuations.


Tipping a set percentage is not expected in Indonesia, but if the service is good, you can leave 5000Rp or 10% or more (this is expected on Bali).

  • Most midrange hotels and restaurants and all top-end hotels and restaurants add 21% to the bill for tax and service (known as ‘plus plus’). The service component is distributed among hotel staff (one hopes).
  • Hand cash directly to individuals if you think they deserve recognition for their service.
  • Tip good taxi drivers, porters, people giving you a massage or fetching you a beer on the beach etc; 5000Rp to 10,000Rp is generous.