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Introducing Fuentes Georginas

The prettiest, most popular natural spa in Guatemala is Fuentes Georginas (admission US$2.50; 8am-5pm Mon-Sat, 8am-4pm Sun). Four pools of varying temperatures are fed by hot sulfur springs and framed by a steep, high wall of tropical vines, ferns and flowers. Fans of Fuentes Georginas were dismayed when a massive landslide in 1998 destroyed several structures, filled the primary bathing pool with trees, mud and rubble and crushed the angelic Greek goddess that previously gazed upon the pools. But after the site was successfully restored, spa regulars realized that the landslide had opened a new vent that feeds the pools. As a result, the water here is hotter than ever. Though the setting is intensely tropical, the mountain air currents keep it deliciously cool through the day. There is a little 500m walk starting from beside the pool and worth doing to check out the birds and orchids. Bring a bathing suit - it's required.