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Weather forecasts are broadcast in English on KNR radio at 9.10am from Monday to Friday during summer. You can view the fairly reliable weather charts available on theyr.net by choosing Grønland. DMI ice maps are available online at www.dmi.dk/dmi/index/gronland/iskort.htm.

When to go

Paris in the spring? Don't even think about it - the Arctic is where you really want to be. For that dreamy fantasy of dogsleds, ice fishing and vast blue skies, the Arctic spring brings long days, bearable temperatures, good snow cover and the buzz of a land shaking off a long, dark winter. Depending on latitude, spring is anytime between March and May. The best time for dogsledding and skiing tours is between late March and early May, and most trips to the North Pole take place in April.

By June there's perpetual day, winter snow is beginning to melt and the tundra teems with mosquitoes. The mosquito season generally runs from late June to early August, and anyone attached to their sanity should wear long clothing, invest in a head-net (komarnik in Russian) and load up on repellent. Summer - July and August - is the peak time for tourists. Maximum daytime temperatures average between 10°C and 18°C in the south and between 5°C and 10°C in the north. It can be wet and windy, though, and coastal fog is common. By late August, nights are getting colder and by mid-September, there's new snow and genuinely cold weather.

The most spectacular displays of the aurora borealis can be seen from August to mid-November, and mid-February to early April. Areas just south of or around the Arctic Circle are ideal for watching the lights (the northernmost Arctic regions are actually too far north to experience the best displays). Arctic winters - any time from mid-October to March - are long, harsh and very, very dark. In the far north the sun disappears for months on end, and a perpetual night descends. In the far south, temperatures of -20°C can be expected, but further north it can be -40°C or lower for weeks. However, welcoming the return of the sun after experiencing a winter up north is a truly momentous occasion, with festivals held in every town and village for the light that heralds the coming of spring.