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Money and costs

Euro (€)
Exchange Rates
Rates provided by Open Exchange Rates. Last updated January 28, 2015 13:16
Budget up to
  • Hostel, camping or private room: €12–25
  • Up to €8 per meal or self-cater
  • Take advantage of Happy Hours and free or low-cost museums or entertainment
  • Private apartment or double room: €60–100
  • Cafe lunch, dinner at nice restaurant: €30–40
  • Couple of beers in a pub or beer garden: €8
Top end over
  • Fancy loft apartment or double in top-end hotel: €150
  • Sit-down lunch, dinner at top-rated restaurant: €100
  • Concert or opera tickets: €50

Germany is still largely a cash-based society and credit-card use is not common. International hotel chains, high-end restaurants and car rental companies usually accept credit cards, but always make it a habit to enquire first, just to be on the safe side. Mastercard and Visa are more widely accepted, American Express and Diner's Club almost never. Avoid using your credit card for cash advances as you will be charged high fees and immediate interest. Debit cards featuring the Mastercard or Visa logos are fairly widely used. Chip-and-pin is the norm for card transactions – few places accept signatures as an alternative. ATMs are ubiquitous in towns and cities but not always in rural areas. Be wary of those not affiliated with major banks as they charge exorbitant transaction fees. ATMs do not recognise pins with more than four digits.



  • Bellboys get about €1 to €2 per bag. Also leave a little cash for the room cleaners, €2 per day, more if you were messy.


  • Restaurant bills always include Bedienung (service charge), but most people add 5% or 10% unless the service was truly abhorrent.


  • Tip bartenders about 5%. For drinks brought to your table, tip as for restaurants.


  • Tip about 10%.