Böttcherstrasse information

Bremen City , Germany
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This charming lane with a golden entrance and staggered red-brick walls is a superb example of expressionism. The 110m-long street was commissioned in 1931 by Ludwig Roselius, a merchant who made his fortune by inventing decaffeinated coffee and founding the company Hag in the early 20th century. Most of the street was designed by Bernhard Hoetger (1874–1959), including the Lichtbringer (Bringer of Light), the golden relief at the northern entrance, showing a scene from the Apocalypse with the Archangel Michael fighting a dragon.

Hoetger’s Haus Atlantis , now the Bremen Hilton, features a show-stopping, multicoloured, glass-walled spiral staircase. Hoetger worked around the existing, 16th-century Roselius Haus, and the Paula Modersohn-Becker Haus, with its rounded edges and wall reliefs, is his own design too. Today these two adjoining houses are museums comprising the Kunstsammlungen Böttcherstrasse .