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Bremen City , Germany
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The charming medieval coopers' lane was transformed into a prime example of mostly expressionist architecture in the 1920s at the instigation of coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius. Its red-brick houses sport unique facades, whimsical fountains, statues and a carillon; many house artesanal shops and art museums. Its most striking feature is Bernhard Hoetger's golden Lichtbringer (Bringer of Light) relief that keeps an eye on the north entrance.

Hoetger’s Haus Atlantis , now a hotel, features a show-stopping spiral staircase. Hoetger also designed the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum , which showcases works by this important early modern woman artist, and fused it with the 16th-century Roselius-Haus , home of art from the Middle Ages to the baroque.